Corners, Intersections & Wall Ends - Terminations

Corners, partition intersections and wall end structural stability is achieved by using additional SRP™ Studs in either two or three SRP™ Stud connection in a set arrangement.

See FIGURE 18 for Standard SRP™ Stud wall details and FIGURE 19 for SRP™ Whisperwall™ Stud wall details.

Doors & Openings

The structural integrity of doors and openings is achieved by placing additional fastening and reinforced framing around them.

This framing is typically made by using boxed SRP™ Stud, extra SRP™ Stud, higher BMT SRP™ Stud, un-punched SRP™ Whisperwall™ Stud for SRP™ Whisperwall™ and/or timber framing.

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