Staggered Stud SRP™ Stud Frame Wall - Two way FRR, Acoustic and Inter-tenancy walls

Walls using the SRP™ Staggered Stud System are commonly used to provide effective resistance to sound transmission and acoustic impact.

These walls are constructed with the SRP™ Studs being alternately positioned to each leg of a wider SRP™ Track, where only every second SRP™ Stud is positioned on the same side of the SRP™ Track leg providing support for the plasterboard. Most commonly, SRP™ Staggered Walls are installed using SRP™ 92mm 0.55BMT 30mm leg SRP™ Tracks with SRP™ 63.5 0.55BMT SRP™ Studs staggered at 300mm centre [see FIGURE 10].

The recommended maximum wall height is 2700mm. Leave a 15mm expansion gap between the top of the SRP™ Studs and the underside of the head SRP™ Tracks.

For other SRP™ Stud and SRP™ Track size configurations or for taller partitions, use the SRP™ Stud Height Tables [see TABLES 6.1 – 6.5] and please note that in these cases specific engineering design verification of the performance is required.

SRP™ Studs are held in position by both a SRP™ N Clip [as an installation aid] and a packer or by using a packer only, positioned at the top and bottom of the SRP™ Stud. If using the SRP™ N Clip method, place the SRP™ N Clips on the top and bottom of the SRP™ Studs, tilt insert the SRP™ Studs in-between the SRP™ Tracks then slide the SRP™ Studs with the SRP™ N Clips to vertical position at required centres, before installing the packers. If using the packer method, pack the SRP™ Studs at the required position and centres [see FIGURE 11].

Installation of the staggered wall frame is exactly as per single wall installation, with the difference being the staggered position of the SRP™ Studs described above and that the internal side of the staggered SRP™ Studs does not get lined. Ensure there is no fastening of the SRP™ Studs or the lining into the bottom or the top head SRP™ Track. No SRP™ Continuous Nog Track is to be used in staggered walls.

For sound control infill, use 75mm thick R1.8 Pink® Batts® glasswool insulation between the SRP™ Studs. Completely fill the cavity space with the insulation.

For plasterboard lining, fastening, acoustic sealant and jointing [stopping] details refer to GIB® Noise Control Systems March 2006, GIB® Fire Rated Systems October 2012 and GIB® Site Guide.

SRP™ Staggered Steel Stud Frame Wall

SRP™ Staggered Steel Stud Frame Wall – Installation Details

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