Single and/or SRP™ Continuous Nog Track is commonly used to stop SRP™ Stud twisting during service and to provide additional support to the wall from SRP™ Studs during and after the plasterboard installation.

It also ties the wall together enabling the wall to behave more as a unit, rather than individual SRP™ Studs.

» SRP™ Continuous Steel Nog Track [FIGURE 1 and FIGURE 17] is designed to be used mainly for taller or single side lined walls to provide additional midheight rigidity and more strength for greater wind load, while...

» Single SRP™ Nogs constructed using Steel SRP™ Stud and SRP™ Track profiles notch fitted between SRP™ Studs [FIGURE 14], or made out of untreated [UT] timber or plywood [FIGURE 15] are generally used for light specific localized load. This type of SRP™ Nog is also used to provide support for plumbing and electrical services, or where sheet edges require more fastening points and/or for additional rigidity.

For heavier load applications as such as TVs, bookshelves, cantilevered benches, basins, toilets etc. either customised single SRP™ Nog or a SRP™ Continuous Nog Track tying SRP™ Studs together will be required.

Please consult with SRP™ and/or a structural engineer regarding specific design and the position, centres and type of SRP™ Nogs used.