Spliced SRP™ Studs

The standard SRP™ Stud length may be extended by splicing if required, where the minimum overlap is 3x the depth of the SRP™ Stud [e.g. 75mm SRP™ Stud – 225mm].

The maximum length of the extension piece [splice] is 1/4 of the ceiling height. Attach the splice to the SRP™ Stud by boxing it with the required overlap using 3 x 4mm diameter steel pop rivets or 8g Tek screws on each side of the SRP™ Stud [6 in total], as per FIGURE 12. Splices must alternate as follows: top spliced SRP™ Stud, full SRP™ Stud, bottom spliced SRP™ Stud, full SRP™ Stud, top spliced SRP™ Stud and so on. For fire rated walls, spliced SRP™ Studs with steel rivets only, may be used [see FIGURE 12].