The SRP™ Direct Fix systems have been designed to allow for a high level of flexibility, including the possibility of using any of the SRP™ Batten range.

See below for installation instructions.
Contact the team at SRP if you need further assistance.

Installation Instructions

STEP 1: Preparation

Establish finished height of the ceiling allowing for any services below joists or truss chords. A minimum of 25mm between the truss chord/joist is recommended for acoustic separation.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Preparation

STEP 2: Perimeter Channel

Fix the perimeter channel/angle to the ribbon or top plate with 8 gauge 12 x 25mm wafer/flathead self-drilling wood screws at 450 centres max. (Long leg of channel to the bottom).

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Perimeter Channel

STEP 3: Setout

Set out batten centres to suit plasterboard system type and thickness in accordance with the plasterboard manufacturers recommendations.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Setout

STEP 4: Fixing Clips

Using the travel slots, secure the direct fix clips to joist/truss chords with a single 8 gauge 12 x 25mm wafer flathead self-drilling wood screws or 30 x 2.5 mm galv clout. Leave fasteners slightly loose to allow for final adjustment.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Fixing Clips

STEP 5: Batten Installation

Offer one side of batten flange to clip stirrup and in one motion squeeze the flanges together and rotate upwards to click batten into position.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Batten Installation

STEP 6: Perimeter Fixing

Secure batten from the underside through perimeter channel leg or angle with two wafer head screws 8 gauge – 16 x 12mm minimum.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Perimeter Fixing

STEP 7: Leveling

Once string lined, straight edged or rotary laser levelled, ensure the batten plains are straight, level and uniform. Fix off the direct fix clips in the additional holes provided as well as tightening the fastener in the travel slot.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Leveling