Strength & Durability

Steel Rollformed Products Ltd (SRP™) has selected the very best industry standard profiles to produce a range of ceiling battens that are most popular in the industry for strength, reliability and ease of installation. Accuracy of manufacture and use of top quality materials, such as GALVSTEEL® by New Zealand Steel, are the key to quality, durability and strength.


SRP™ offers a service promise that reflects their dedication to looking after the needs of their customers in every respect. Paramount in that service offer is, on time delivery, personal sales, technical backup and industry leading technical literature to offer the best possible assistance in design and installation to meet customer expectations.


This is to certify the SRP™ Ceiling Products and associated componentry supplied by Steel Rollformed Products Ltd (SRP™) are designed to, and manufactured from, a compliant base material, to the relevant New Zealand/International Standards and to the relevant parts of the New Zealand Building Code.

Use only the current specifications

»» AS/NZS 4600 Cold-formed Steel Strucutures
»» Galvanised Coating Z275 to AS/NZS 1397
»» NZS 3404 Steel Structural Standard
»» NZS 3404.1 Steel Structures Standard - Materials, fabrication, and construction
»» AS/NZS 1397 Steel sheet and strip
»» AS/NZS 1170 Structural design actions
»» NZBC- Bl/VMl and B2

Scope of Use

New Zealand Building Code Compliance.
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When installed in accordance with the installation instructions and in dry interior environments, SRP™ Ceiling Systems will satisfy the requirements of NZBC Clause B2 – Durability. SRP™ Ceiling Systems are manufactured from galvanized coated steel Z275 conforming to AS/NZS 1397.


SRP™ Ceiling Systems meet the requirements of specific fire and acoustic systems. Where installed ceilings form part of a specific fire or sound rated system the plasterboard manufacturer’s specification must be followed. Refer to GIB® Fire Rated Systems and GIB® Noise Control Systems.


SRP™ galvanized steel products are manufactured to meet the requirements of NZS 3404 Steel Structures Standard, NZs 404.1 Steel Structures Standard – Materials, Fabrication and Construction and AS/NZS 1397 Steel Sheet and Strip.


»» AZSNZS 4600 cold-formed Steel Structures
»» AS/NZS 2785 Suspended Ceilings
»» AS/NZS 1170 Structural Design Actions

Where design is outside the scope of this publication, including span tables herein, suitable professional advice should be sought for a specific design.


SRP™ has gathered independent, leading experts with extensive experience to create this document to ensure professionals like yourself, have detailed literature for design and installation reference. Information is included on all SRP™ Ceiling Systems, including components, standard application details, installation information, design tables and other important material. All of the information detailed, has been created in accordance with relevant New Zealand/International Standards listed in the Compliance Section of this document. In addition, SRP™ can provide advice and specific engineering design assistance for the design of non-standard ceilings subject to specific seismic loading, wind pressure. Please be aware, however, that products, systems, building codes and any third party referenced material may change over time and interpretations could also vary. While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, SRP™ cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any economic or consequential losses with respect to using the information contained in this website. It is the responsibility of the designer, specifier and/or installer to ensure the correct use and interpretation of the information in this Handbook and ensure it is in accordance with up-to-date industry practice.

The materials Base Metal Thickness BMT of SRP™ Ceiling Profiles.

0.50mm BMT 0.55mm BMT 0.75mm BMT 1.15mm BMT
16.5mm Ceiling Battens 22mm Ceiling Battens See SRP™ C Section Strong Back
28mm Ceiling Battens 35mm Ceiling Battens    
  Top Cross Rail