Choose the relevant SRP™ Stud and SRP™ Track size and BMT using the SRP™ Stud Height Tables, [TABLES 6.1 – 6.5], bearing in mind that for all applications the SRP™ Track BMT must be the same or greater than the SRP™ Stud BMT.

» For Fire Rated Walls, the use of deflection head SRP™ Track with a minimum of 50mm leg length is required. Installation as per GIB. Fire Rated Wall Systems October 2012.

» For other walls, including SRP™ Whisperwall™ use the minimum of 30mm leg length SRP™ Track.

Ensure all SRP™ Tracks are level [horizontal], aligned and adjoining SRP™ Tracks are butt jointed with a 2mm expansion gap between them allowing for substrate expansion/shrinkage [see FIGURE 7].

Ensure that all SRP™ Tracks [top and bottom] will remain dry in service and are not subject to water ingress. As per the New Zealand Steel Durability Statement, when in contact with concrete ensure a damp-proof course [DPC] is used as required, which is to be at least 10mm wider than the SRP™ Track, i.e. minimum 5mm either side of the SRP™ Track [see FIGURE 7].

Secure the appropriate SRP™ Track to the floor and ceiling by using approved relevant fastener type for the particular substrate. See TABLES 6.1 – 6.5 for more information. Aluminium fasteners are not permitted as SRP™ Track fastenings in fire rated partitions.

To ensure no loss of structural integrity of the floor, where SRP™ Tracks are to be installed around prestressed concrete elements, installation is to be in strict accordance with pre-stressed component manufacturer requirements.

Secure the SRP™ Track to the structural floor and ceiling using fasteners at maximum 600mm centres and within 100mm but not less than 20mm from the end of the SRP™ Track, doorway openings and intersecting or exterior wall connections. See TABLE 7, FIGURE 7, FIGURE 18 and FIGURE 19 for more information.

Installation of SRP™ Whisperwall™ and other acoustic performance walls are to be installed in accordance with GIB® Noise Control Systems March 2006 and relevant sections of the SRP™ Product Catalogue.

Download SRP™ Track installation detail [FIG 7]

Stud Installation

To enable easy installation, SRP™ Studs are equipped with a generously knurled face providing a secure surface for attaching high density wall board products. Ensure Standard SRP™ Stud centres are as per SRP™ Stud Height Tables. SRP™ Whisperwall™ Studs are installed exactly at 600mm centres, except end of the wall, doorway openings and intersecting or exterior wall connections. In all above cases SRP™ Stud centres should be no more than 600mm centres apart

See our Stud Installation page for more information and table downloads.

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