Existing and Site Drilled SRP™ Stud Service Holes

SRP™ Whisperwall™ Studs come with 4 twin drawn service holes [8 in total per SRP™ Stud], while Standard SRP™ Studs have 4 single [4 in total per SRP™ Stud] drawn service holes with rounded edges at 300mm and 900mm distance measured from both ends, as shown in FIGURE 13.

Extra service holes, if required, can be created in all SRP™ Studs on site, by punching, cutting or drilling them using a hole saw or similar. Holes to be a maximum of 15mm diameter located in line with existing holes and positioned adjacent to a SRP™ Continuous Nog Track in conventional SRP™ Stud whenever possible.

Maximum of two additional holes per SRP™ Stud are allowed. All holes [site punched/ cut/drilled and/or existing] must be a minimum of 300mm centres apart in all cases, as shown in FIGURE 13; [i.e. no holes to be drilled for SRP™ Whisperwall™ in both sides of the web at the same location and for all SRP™ Studs within 300mm of each other].

Holes greater than 15mm diameter or closer than 300mm centres require structural assessment in all cases. Seek advice from SRP™ and/or a structural engineer. Ensure all site punched/cut/drilled hole edges are smoothed and grommets are installed for edge protection.