Performance of ceiling products and associated componentry

The performance of SRP™ Ceiling Products is dependent upon correct installation. SRP™ Ceiling Products must be installed as specified in this publication and following good industry practice. In addition, all plasterboard ceiling products are to be installed in accordance with the plasterboard manufacturer’s recommendations.

Specific design and seismic requirements will require an engineer’s specific design and relevant producer statement for the level of building importance, class and seismic zoning if required for the building type, design and location.


Store in a dry flat area to avoid distortion and/or moisture damage. Exercise care and use appropriate safety equipment during installation.

SRP™ products are not to be installed in a corrosive atmosphere, or come in direct contact with CCA treated timber, copper or chemically treated materials. If this is unavoidable, a separation barrier between the galvanized SRP™ product and the potentially corrosive surface should be used. In addition, SRP™ recommends its products are not installed before the building envelope is enclosed. SRP™ also recommends that all electrical wiring regulations must be strictly adhered to.

Store and install all ceiling products in accordance with the New Zealand Steel GALVSTEEL® 50 year Durability Statement document.

Systems Summary

SRP™ Ceiling Systems are divided into three distinct groups, each based on the connection between the SRP™ batten and the ceiling structure. SRP™ battens are available in multiple heights (See Table 2), and are fixed by either an SRP™ Strongback, an SRP™ Top Cross Rail, or direct-fix on an SRP™ Direct Fix Clip.

System Selection

The SRP™ Ceiling Systems are all equitable in their ability to provide a base grid to fix GIB plasterboard to and their ability to be the batten system in GIB Plasterboard systems. It is important to note that all of the SRP™ Ceiling Systems included in this document can be used in GIB systems as the batten system.

The selection of an SRP™ system is determined by:

1. Space requirements.
The plenum space or the internal room height may dictate the system. For example an SRP™ Direct Fix system provides less distance between the ceiling structure and the GIB plasterboard lining, this may be suitable when greater internal room height is required. Conversely, a SRP™ Strongback or SRP™ Top Cross Rail system would be suitable where there’s a desire to make the ceiling lower than the ceiling structure.

2. Experience and preference.
SRP™ Strongback and SRP™ Top Cross Rail systems provide similar opportunities to create space between the ceiling structure and the GIB Plasterboard. As such, the selection is usually determined by an installer’s experience and preference.

Product Direct Fix Clip Long Direct Fix Clip Nail Up Suspended with TCR / Strongback Notched ends available Drain holes available Stock lengths 3.6/4.8/6.0 Volume Cut to Length ADJ Wall Fix Clip Resilient Clips (bought in)
Ceiling Batten 16mm                    
Ceiling Batten 28mm                    
Ceiling Batten 22mm         Consult with SRP          
Ceiling Batten 35mm       Consult with SRP            
35mm Ceiling Batten with 50mm Face