SRP™ STUD/TRACK/NOG Sections and Associated Componentry

This is to certify that SRP™ Wall Products and associated componentry supplied by Steel Rollformed Products™ Ltd [SRP™] are designed to, and manufactured from, a compliant base material, to the relevant New Zealand/ International Standards and to the relevant parts of the New Zealand Building Code. 

In addition, all wall profiles manufactured by SRP™ meet the required BMT [Base Metal Thickness], strength and durability requirements. All wall component sizes and gauges manufactured by SRP™ are to precise specified requirements as established by design, and will not compromise structural integrity and/or fire/acoustic ratings of a relevant non-load bearing partition.

In particular SRP™ products are compliant as a minimum, with the following Codes, Standards and any referenced third party materials noted in this SRP™ Product Catalogue is current at the time of publication:

» AS/NZS 4600 Cold-formed steel structures
» Galvanised Coating Z275 to AS/NZS 1397
» NZS 3404 Steel Structures Standard
» NZS 3404.1 Steel Structures Standard – Materials, fabrication, and construction
» AS/NZS 1397 Steel sheet and strip
» AS/NZS 1170 Structural design actions
» NZBC – B1/VM1 and B2



Substitution SRP™ Wall Products

SRP™ STUD/TRACK/NOG Sections and Associated Componentry

SRP™ Wall configurations as shown in TABLE 2 using 64mm and 92mm SRP™ Studs and associated componentry manufactured by Steel Rollformed Products™ Ltd are designed not to compromise the structural integrity*, acoustic or fire rating performance, if installed in accordance with non-load bearing GIB® Performance Systems called up in GIB® Fire Rated Systems for FRR walls and GIB® Noise Control Systems for STC walls and SRP™ Product Catalogue for all SRP™ walls. Specification references include:

GIB® Fire Rated Systems:

» GBS30, GBS60, GBS90, GBS120a – single Stud frame walls
» GBS240 – double Stud frame wall, with inside Stud flanges, in the middle gap lined with GIB. as well.

GIB® Noise Control Systems:

» GBSA30b, GBSA45, GBSA60c, GBSA90c, GBSA90d – double Stud frame walls
» GBSA30s, GBSA90s – staggered Stud frame wall
» GBSA30r, GBSA60r, GBSA90r – single Stud frame walls

[Refer to the letter of endorsement from Winstone Wallboards dated 23rd August 2015]

In addition to this, SRP™ Whisperwall™ Acoustic SRP™ Stud has been confirmed as an acceptable substitution in GBS 60 from GIB® Fire Rated Systems. Winstone Wallboards, in their letter dated 11th June 2014, confirm the -/60/60 FRR Fire Resistance Rating for SRP™ Whisperwall™ provided that the inner layer of 13mm GIB Noiseline® is fastened to the SRP™ Whisperwall™ Acoustic SRP™ Studs in accordance with the SRP™ Product Catalogue and GBS 60 from GIB® Fire Rated Systems specification. In cases, where an additional layer of 10mm GIB Noiseline® is used, the FRR will be maintained and the inner layer of 13mm GIB Noiseline® does not require plaster stopping.

*Project Design Engineer to ensure project-specific design considers all applied loads on the structure including those imposed by SRP™ products.

Download SRP™ Steel Stud Wall Structure Diagrams