A number of conservative assumptions have been made for the preparation of Wind Zones [WZ] with the Wind Speed Range [WS] [M/S].

If a more specific design is required, council supplied Wind Zone information may be used for structures of one to two storeys, or seek advice from SRP™ and/or a structural engineer.

Download Wind Zone & Wind Speed Specs [table 5]

See below for Zone Specifications and downloads.

Zone Specifications

1. [TABLE 5] can only be used for areas outside of the Lee Zone [see Figure 4] [i.e. Ml=1.0].
2. [TABLE 5] can only be used for areas outside of the Local Topographic Zone [see FIGURE 5] [i.e. Mt=1.0].
3. [TABLE 5] does not take the shielding reduction effect of surrounding buildings into consideration.
4. Height is limited to 20m maximum, measured from the ground level [see FIGURE 6].

The use of these tables, [TABLE 3, TABLE 4, TABLE 5 AND TABLES 6.1 – 6.5] is the responsibility of the specifier, and we strongly recommend a structural engineer to review the entire design, including the site specific Wind Speed and the selection of the Steel SRP™ Studs prior to placing an order.

Download Zone Tables See SRP™ Stud Height Tables