The SRP™ Top Cross Rail Systems have been designed to allow for either the SRP™ 16 or the SRP™ 28 batten, when suspended on wire or droppers.

See below for installation instructions.
Contact the team at SRP if you need further assistance.

Installation Instructions

STEP 1: Preparation

Establish height of finished ceiling in accordance with architectural design and mechanical

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Preparation

STEP 2: Perimeter Channel

Fix Perimeter channel or angle in place around the wall edges with 8 gauge x 32mm screws at 600 centres. This will supply sufficient edge support to complement suspended components.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Perimeter Channel

STEP 3: Rail Installation

Top Cross Rail support should be no closer than 200mm from walls.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Rail Installation

STEP 4: Connector Clips

Top Cross Rail connector clips should be securely snap locked into position. Positive engagement is confirmed by definite clicking sound of the engagement points.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Connector Clips

STEP 5: Batten Installation

28mm or 16mm ceiling battens are then located into locating lugs in the legs of the Top Cross Rail clips to allow seating into final location point. Top Cross Rails should be placed at 1200 centres or as per the centres specified in the loading charts.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Batten Installation

STEP 6: Suspension Wires

Wires are set at 1200mm centres or as per the charts and wrapped around the Top Cross Rail one wrap and then twitched back on itself a minimum of 3 turns.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Suspension Wires

STEP 7: Top Cross Rail Jointers

Jointers are available in 400mm lengths. These are splayed over the butt joint to give cover of 200mm either side of the butt joint. Screw fixings must penetrate through the main body of the suspended Top Cross Rail and into the jointer 100mm either side of the butt joint using selftapping wafer button head screws. The Top Cross Rail must run continuously over at least three spans between wire suspension points.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Top Cross Rail Jointers

STEP 8: Joining Battens

Snap in batten joiners are available for 16mm and 28mm battens 200mm long overlapping 100mm each way. These are fixed in place using two wafer tech button head screws within 100mm and no closer than 12mm to butt joint.

Steel Rollformed Products LTD Joining Battens