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Technical Docs

Lintel detail for openings 1000mm wide or less

Using untreated timber, follow the detail as shown in FIGURE 22.

For horizontal reinforcement of doors or openings wider than 150mm and up to 1000mm, use a frame constructed from minimum 0.75mm BMT SRP™ Track, depth the same as the SRP™ Stud depth, with a minimum of 150mm bent ends.

Lintel detail for openings wider than 1000mm - Option H3

For Lintel detail for openings wider than 1000mm, use the following structure:

  1. As a base, use a frame constructed from minimum 0.75mm BMT SRP™ Track as described above, using option V1 detail only [see FIGURE 22].
  2. Then place a timber beam with a minimum width of 45mm and depth the same as the depth of the SRP™ Stud inside the “mini SRP™ Track” [see FIGURE 22].
  3. Fasten the timber beam to the SRP™ Track as per FIGURE 22 and skew nail to fasten the timber beam to the timber Jamb Stud if applicable.
  4. Place and secure a straight piece of SRP™ Track, the same size as used previously over the top of the timber beam. Position it accordingly as noted above for the doors and openings narrower than 1000mm. Secure them as per FIGURE 22 and install Jamb Studs as appropriate, as noted above.

NOTE: Only untreated timber framing shall be used in direct contact with any galvanised SRP™ products. If it is unavoidable to use treated timber, a separation barrier between the galvanised SRP™ product and the treated timber shall be used.

The maximum dimension of any unframed opening in any walls should not exceed 150mm in any direction. In addition to this, fire rated wall openings are to be installed in accordance with GIB® Fire Rated Systems October 2012 where applicable.

For securing plasterboard around doors or openings refer to relevant GIB® or other plasterboard manufacturer’s specifications.