The SRP™ Steel Stud System provides a practical and economical solution for non-load bearing internal plasterboard partitions in various situations with fire rated and acoustic properties. 

SRP™ uses an industry standard with refinements and proven design along with some 30 years knowledge in the steel manufacturing and rollforming industry, to achieve a product with practicality during installation, durability for a long life, and quality for a strong and aesthetically pleasing finish.

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Benefits include:

» Fast and simple installation, requiring few tools
» Superior strength and durability; strong but lightweight for easy handling
» Steel Components cut to/made to length meaning minimal material waste
» Precise measurements
» Dimensionally stable; stays very straight, doesn’t warp, twist or bow
» Recyclable raw material
» Resistance to pests, rot or fungus attack
» Non-combustibility and suitability for fire protection with a range of fire resistant ratings when combined with suitable plasterboard lining
» Suitability for areas requiring smooth finish wall planes
» Flexibility of configuration
» Suitability for flat or curved situations

A practical and economical solution for non-load bearing internal plasterboard partitions.